November 11, 2007

F is for Family

I know this is terribly cliche, but my family is very important to me. Like most people, I think it is a love/hate relationship. I like having family close, but I also need some space to be myself. What brought this to mind is that my brother just got a job in a state very far from here, and has to move by December 3. My mother is crushed. I'm surprised he didn't move sooner. He has been trying to distance himself (that's the nice way to put it: cut us out of the picture is the less nice way to say it) for awhile now, so I figured moving away would be the next step. I'm sad that he and his wife and my nephew are moving, but I understand why he thinks he needs to do it. Maybe he's right - who knows?

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Literary Feline said...

I wish your brother and his family all the best. I know it is hard for my own mother, being so far from her children. Regardless of the reasons, sometimes distance is the best thing. It certainly has made my heart grow fonder. :-)