November 3, 2007

B is for Bookshelves

It should be apparent from this blog that I love books, and books require bookshelves. I have three overflowing bookshelves, each with a personal history. I break the librarian rule of not double shelving (one is even triple shelved on one shelf with paperbacks) due to space limitations. One day I hope to have a whole room devoted to bookshelves (with a comfy chair for reading, of course). The smallest bookshelf is only three shelves high, and about three feet wide. It was my grandmother's, and I remember poking through it at her house in the summer to find something to read. The next one is larger, but still only three shelves high. I received that one from my parents for Christmas after college, to replace my board and cinder block shelves. The last one I inherited from my brother - it is four shelves high, and holds a lot of books. He was going to get rid of it when he moved in with his girlfriend (now wife), but I rescued it. I could easily fill at least one more bookshelf, but space does not allow.

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