May 12, 2008

Snakes on a Plane?

Well, at work anyway. One of the other bailiffs (a few cubicles from me) found a baby snake under his desk today. At first we thought it was one of these, but it was actually one of these. Naturally, every conversation for the rest of the day started out with "Did you see the snake?" And we are on the lookout for any siblings. And the most common question was, "How did it get upstairs?" (My theory: elevator.)


Literary Feline said...

I'm so glad it wasn't a rattlesnake after all.

raych said...

I used to have a baby snake. He was a corn snake, and he was purple and grey, and his name was Nebuchadnezzar, Lord of the Aquarium. And he escaped 3 times. After the 3rd time, we never found him again. I like to think that he's still living in that house, getting bigger, and that one day he'll jump out and scare some tenants. Our landlady was a bitch.

I, also, am glad yours wasn't a rattlesnake.

janiejane said...

What a great name for a snake!