May 30, 2008

the dead and the gone - Susan Beth Pfeffer

Since our cable was out, I had nothing better to do than read! I got this in the mail yesterday, and finished it already. This is the sequel/companion to Life As We Knew It, and I was not disappointed. This recounts the same events as they unfolded in New York City: an asteroid has knocked the moon out of its normal orbit, with disastrous consequences. This one again made me hungry, because of the fixation on food, and it made me want to go out and start stockpiling in case of emergency. The characters were just as interesting, and I thought even more realistic. There's a rumor that a third book is in the works, and I do hope that is true!

Our cable is still out, and they won't send a technician until Sunday, so I'll be scheduling a few posts (I came in early to post from work today.)

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