June 18, 2008


All of the judges are out this week for the judicial conference, so the courts offer training to all of us during this time. We are required to do 16 hours per year, so it's pretty easy to get done over these three days. I took four classes yesterday, which seemed like a really long day. Today I only had one, and with the training I've done earlier in the year, I'm now finished! Thankfully none of these were the "break into small groups" type, which I hate hate hate. The best one yesterday was one on birth order, and how that can affect your personality. At one point, my friend (a fellow first-born) turned to me and said "Tell her to stop talking about me!" Some of the descriptions were spot on. One that particularly stood out was that us firstborns like to sit at the "grown-up" table, even if there is a "kid's" table. The only way to get us to sit willingly at the kid's table is to put us in charge. That is so true. I hated the kid's table - all of the interesting conversation was with the adults! But if you let me boss around the other little kids, then I was happier.


Wolfrham Hart said...

First child, only child, eh same difference.

We were far too adult oriented as children I believed. I really never understood my peers because of it.

Literary Feline said...

I was raised as oldest child, but found out as an adult that I was actually a middle child--at least for my dad. I still think of myself as a first born though and certainly have most of the traits of one.

janiejane said...

Our lecturer didn't make a distinction between first and only children - I thought that was interesting.