January 5, 2008


I finally upgraded to a paid account on LibraryThing, and ordered a CueCat scanner from them. The scanner arrived today, and I started cataloging my books (there is now a link to my library in the sidebar!) I only made it through two of my three bookshelves, but I hope to finish tomorrow. The scanner really helps - I did over 200 books today, and typing them would have been much slower. I do have a surprising number of books that predate bar codes, and also some that don't have ISBNs, so I did have to key in a few, but overall the scanner made it pretty fast and fun. I will have to go through and add tags and comments to the books. This will be the first time I've known exactly how many books I have!

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Literary Feline said...

Thanks to LT, I know close to exactly how many TBR books I have, which is really scary. I always worry my husband will go and look to see which ones I have labeled as TBR books. Haha He can see them, but knowing the exact number might scare him.