August 17, 2007

BTT: Monogamy

Booking Through Thursday time again!

One book at a time? Or more than one? If more, are they different types/genres? Or similar?

(We’re talking recreational reading, here—books for work or school don’t really count since they’re not optional.)

Definitely more than one at a time. I generally have a couple of fiction books going at once, although often in different genres (general fiction vs. science fiction, for example), as well as one or two nonfiction ones. I like to be able to pick up whatever I'm in the mood for at the time. As long as I don't wait too long before picking up a book I left in the middle I don't have trouble picking up where I left off. And sometimes, sadly, I just abandon a book halfway.


Literary Feline said...

I prefer to read one book at a time. I rarely fall out of mood with a book until after it's finished. I have read more than one book before, but usually no more than two.

Anonymous said...

I understand completely. Sometimes a book is interesting to start and then we somehow drift apart for a while and another book suits me better. I keep a stack of books going at all times, for different moods and needs. I'm always sorry when I have to return a book to the shelf, unfinished.