August 19, 2007

How to Be Lost - Amanda Eyre Ward

How does a family cope when a child disappears? This book deals with the aftermath of one daughter disappearing at age 5. Her sister, now an adult, begins a search for her, and what she finds is unexpected and affecting. I enjoyed this book a lot - her style reminds me a lot of Elizabeth Berg's style. Her characters are flawed and realistic, and their interactions seem natural. I'll be adding this author's other books to my "to find" list (as if I needed more on my pile to read).


Dewey said...

I hope you were joking about having to stop reading my blog! :(

I'll tell my friend about this book; she LOVES Elizabeth Berg, so I bet she'd like this, too.

janiejane said...

Of course I was kidding! I have found some great books through your blog already!