March 5, 2008


This blogging every day thing is hard! Work has been taking up a lot of time and mental energy, and I don't feel comfortable blogging about most of what goes on there for confidentiality reasons, so I don't have much to contribute. But here are some random thoughts:

1. I'm jealous that the Republicans already know who their candidate is. The whole Clinton/Obama thing just shows how diverse the Democratic party is, so I don't see how we'll ever agree on a candidate enough to actually install a Democrat in the White House. I liked Edwards, myself.

2. I still hate pledge week on PBS.

3. I still love American Idol.

4. I think I need to move my TBR pile because it threatens to tumble down on top of my bed, which is probably a safety hazard.

5. March really is windy.

6. Some people do terrible things to their children. And some children do terrible things themselves. Every time I think I've heard the worst at work, I hear something even more awful.

7. Some people are amazingly wonderful to children not biologically their own. What would we do without foster/adoptive parents!

1 comment:

Dewey said...

It really is disturbing, what people will do to their children. I wish more people had the self-awareness to realize that they just don't like kids, or wouldn't be good parents, and choose to be childless. Then I see friends who are the kindest, most loving, warm people, and they're unable to have children. But then if they do adopt, at least their children know they were truly wanted.

Anyway, it looks like it's going to be Obama, right?