September 29, 2007

Heroes - TV

The primary focus of this blog is books, but I watch a LOT of TV as well, so you all get to hear my opinions on that as well from time to time.

I just finished watching "Heroes" on DVD, and all I can say is - wow. I did not watch it last season at first because I was sure it would be cancelled quickly, and I didn't want to get attached. Later, after it was clearly a hit, I had waited too long. So I spent a whole season avoiding spoilers and waited for the DVDs. (I love Netflix.)

The season maintains its internal consistency very well over the whole season, and the characters also remained true to themselves as they explore their abilities for good or evil. I loved the flash-forwards (and flashbacks) - time travel done well is always appreciated! I did keep wishing Peter would cut the bangs, though - the emo "sweeping them from my eyes" was very irritating. If you haven't been watching, give the DVDs a try!


Literary Feline said...

Heroes is one of my favorite TV shows. I am glad you enjoyed watching the first season! I've come to appreciate watching tv shows on DVD a lot over the last couple of years. Sometimes it's easier to do than watching regularly during the tv season. LOL

Are you watching Heroes this season or will you wait for the second season to come out on DVD? It's gotten off to a good start, I think. :-)

janiejane said...

I'm definitely watching it "live" this season - I don't want to wait that long to find out what happens! LOL