May 28, 2007

When do you give up?

When you are starting a new book, how long do you give it if it doesn't capture your interest right away? I think I give it about 50 pages, if I'm intending it to be a 'fun' book, and it turns out not to be so fun, then I though in the towel. If it is supposed to be "educational" or serious, then I might struggle through more of it to see if it picks up, or because it's "good for me." I used to feel guilty if I didn't finish a book once I started it, especially if I purchased it rather than borrowed it from the library. I no longer feel guilty - there are too many books to waste time on one I don't enjoy. Reading for fun should be fun, not work.


Daisy Cat said...

I completely agree - I give a book 2-3 chapters and if it does not engage me, I give up. What is the point if you are not enjoying it.

Daphne said...

I just had my first unfinished book a few weeks ago. I felt extremely guilty about it - especially since I had read more than half of it (it was an 800 page book). Early on the book was up and down and I kept hoping it would hold my interest, but it didn't so I finally gave it up.

Chasida said...

Wow! I am so bad about this! My philosophy always was if you start a book finish it. And then when my daughter was in 4th grade their english teacher assigned the first book report and wrote: Tell why you like this book. Do NOT say I didn't like the book. If you don't like a book, don't read it. There are enough books that you can find one you like. So simple, so true. I trudge along for a while now but if it's not happenning for me and it's preventing me from other books waiting, I fold. Last book I gave up on: The Time of Our Singing by Richard Powers